Best Bitcoin Roulette Sites 2023: Ranking & Bonuses

Looking for the best Bitcoin roulette sites in 2022? Say no more. Our exclusive ranking is everything you need, because it’s been created by professionals in iGaming and blockchain tech, to bring you the best gaming experience:


If you want to learn more about our recommended BTC roulette sites, for example, the benefits that make them the best in the market, then keep reading.

How We Selected the Best Bitcoin Roulette Sites in 2023

To prepare this guide, our team of online gambling experts considered different aspects that no BTC roulette game may lack. The following topics provide you with an overview of these aspects.

Proper licensing and audits: Security and fairness are crucial concerns for online gamblers, especially if you are betting with Bitcoin (BTC). Our list consists exclusively of licensed roulette games provided by industry-leading software developers.

Positive gaming experience: At the end of the day, everyone plays Bitcoin roulette to have fun. A good BTC roulette must provide an entertaining experience, good UX, above-average graphics, and preferably live dealer versions. A well-rounded mobile version also adds some points to a game’s review.

Winnings and payouts: A proper BTC roulette must be clear about the game’s terms and conditions and leave no room to deceive players with hidden fine print. Payouts must be seamless, and results must be provably fair.

Responsible gambling: Offering an exciting gambling experience is fundamental to attracting new players and incentivizing them to keep betting. However, we’ve also considered the responsible gambling aspect.

Anonymity: Privacy is a major concern for online gamblers. One of the fundamental aspects of playing Bitcoin roulette is that you can enjoy yourself, receive bonuses, and deposit/cash out BTC in full anonymity. Moreover, the nature of blockchain technology and P2P gambling adds an extra layer of identity protection.

What is BTC Roulette?

With the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, several casinos started not only accepting digital assets but some of them were even created as crypto-only platforms.

Many online gamblers prefer Bitcoin roulette rather than standard roulette games due to near-instant processing times. Bitcoin’s P2P (peer-to-peer) nature makes deposits and withdrawals much easier than debit or credit cards, for example.

Once you confirm a deposit, the amount sent to your balance is confirmed within minutes. When it is time to cash out your BTC winnings, the withdrawn amount is promptly sent to your wallet address, as there is no need to wait several days as a standard wire transfer would require.

How to Play BTC Roulette

Bitcoin roulette games follow the same standard principles used for traditional casino roulettes. Instead of a physical roulette, the game features a digital wheel on the table. After placing your bets, you must spin based on the place where the little ball on the wheel stops. If you are lucky enough, you get a return.

The Basic Rules of BTC Roulette Games

The wheel has 36 numbers, alternating between black and red spots. Depending on the variant, it may feature one or two additional “zero” spots.

You are free to wager on just one number or several numbers. Your reward is based on where the little ball lands on the wheel. If you decide to wager on a single number, you may have the lowest odds but increase your rewards exponentially in the event of a win, bringing you a payout of 35:1.

If you choose to bet on a set of numbers, you may increase your winning probabilities but have lower returns. Generally, the game starts when you place a bet. The game provides you with a grid with the places corresponding to the numbers on the spinning wheel. You must place a bet on these places to show the specific numbers you’re betting on.

All the bets are funded with Bitcoin, so you must deposit the minimum required amount before joining a roulette game. Once the wagers are placed, the ball starts spinning on the wheel.
If the ball lands on one of the spots matching any of your bets after the spin, you’ll get paid out. However, if the ball does not land on any lucky spot, the chances are dead gone.

A Note about the House Edge

The numbers 0 and 00 featured on the wheel are not part of the red or black spots. If the little ball lands on one of these spots, the casino wins all the money staked by the players.

To withdraw your winnings, you must pay the casino a “house edge,” which is a percentage of the profits obtained from the bets. It is crucial to pay attention to the house edge before entering a roulette game, as it directly affects how much money you can cash out.

What are the Best BTC Roulette Games?

Bitcoin roulette games are designed with different variants, which may influence your gambling experience, strategy, and the amount you can win on a lucky day. In the following topics, we provide you an overview of the most common BTC roulette variants available on online crypto casinos:


The European variant features a wheel with 1-36 pockets where you can bet, including the red and black spots. This game does not feature the double-zero (00) spot, which results in a 2.7% house edge with a single zero.

The wheel also features the numbers in a different order. Once you understand the nuances involved in this variant, it can significantly increase your winning rates over time.


Considered one of the world’s oldest betting games, the American variant is almost identical to the European roulette, except for the existence of a double zero spot. This slight difference increases the house edge up to 5.26%, which is not a customer-friendly rate.

Overall, the mechanisms of the game do not change between the American and European variants. To determine what variant is the best for your case, you must identify your goal.

If you want to play solely focused on money or significantly increase your winning chances, European roulette is the best choice. If you want more betting options, small edges, and more excitement involved in the process, the American variant may work better for you.


Not as popular as the other variants, the French roulette features a single zero. Compared to other roulette games, this variant is most similar to the European variant.

The layout of the French roulette table is designed specifically, featuring a grid with numbers positioned horizontally across the table. This variant also features rules not applicable to the other versions, which are “La Partage” and “En Prison.”

The “La Partage” rule permits you to receive half of your bet back if you lose on an outside bet because the ball landed in the zero spot.

The “En Prison” rule grants you another chance to win an amount placed on an outside bet back if the ball lands in the zero spot. Accordingly, the bet stays “en prison” (lit. “in prison) in the same spot, so you have the chance to get it back in the next spin.

Speed Roulette

As its name suggests, the Speed Roulette gives you 25-30 seconds to place your bets while the wheel is spinning. There is no “dead time,” so you act as quickly as possible.
Once the winning bet is announced, the dealer starts spinning the wheel again in no-break style. This variant is the best for players who want maximum excitement and adrenaline.

Double Ball Roulette

This variant permits you to play European roulette with two balls instead of a single one. For outside bets, both balls must land in the right spots. For inside bets, either of the balls can land in the luckiest spots. If you manage to double the winning spots, you have a double win.

Live Casino Roulette Games

Considered the favorite type of BTC roulette available nowadays, live dealer games offer the best in terms of fun, excitement, and uniqueness. In a standard roulette game, the results are generated by an automated random number generator (RNG).

In live casino roulette games, you can watch all the action unfold at table via streaming, with a real dealer to call the bets and spin the ball on the wheel. Different BTC casinos offer live dealer options for most roulette variants.

What are the Pros and Cons of Playing BTC Roulette?

If you still feel unsure about playing BTC roulette, then this quick comparison will solve all of your doubts. Come with us to check the pros vs. cons, concluded with a sweet summary and analysis.

Pros Cons
Big BTC welcome bonuses Limited FIAT withdrawal methods
Hundreds of online and live roulette games BTC price is subject to high volatility
Chance to win generous BTC prizes
High anonymity (simple or no KYC processes)
Fast deposits and withdrawals


The advantages of BTC roulette sites are evident: discrete, generous, fun, and fast. If you don’t want to convert your BTC to FIAT, then here you have the best solution. Furthermore, BTC roulette sites give better bonuses than regular casinos, so you have a lot more reasons to bet on bitcoin roulette right now.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Best Roulette Sites

This guide was prepared to help you understand what Bitcoin Roulette is, what the existing variants are, and how you can increase your winning chances. In the following topics, we answer the most frequent questions about BTC roulette.
If you are still doubtful about any of these topics, feel free to contact us for further guidance.

How do you play roulette with Bitcoin?

A Bitcoin Roulette is an online version of the standard casino roulette that permits you to fund your bets using Bitcoin. All you need to do is to find a reliable roulette game online that accepts BTC as payment.

Is BTC roulette rigged?

Following the increasing popularity of online gambling and cryptocurrencies, rigged roulette games and scam casinos are spread all over the internet.

This guide features only fully licensed, regulated, and audited Bitcoin Roulette games from industry-leading developers. Hence, there is no risk of rigged games involved in our exclusive selection, especially since all the roulette games are Provably Fair.

Can I claim no deposit bonuses for BTC roulette?

Many crypto casinos offer no deposit bonuses on roulette games, allowing you to cash out your winnings upon meeting the platform’s wagering requirements.

The first step to identifying whether you can claim no deposit bonuses for BTC Roulette is to check the casino’s Terms & Conditions.