Best Bitcoin Lottery Sites 2023: Ranking & Guide

Do you want to use a stash of your satoshis to buy lottery tickets? Then you are at the right place, because we’ve built the ranking of the best Bitcoin lottery sites in 2022, so that you can buy lotto tickets with the potential to earn you millions over millions of satoshis!

If you want to buy your crypto lotto tickets as soon as possible, then here you have our ranking of the top BTC lottery sites:

If you are new to BTC lotteries and you want to learn more about the process that our specialists used to build this ranking, then we invite you to read our expert guide.

What is a Crypto or Bitcoin Lottery?

It’s the same as a regular lottery, but the currency to use will be Bitcoin. It means that you need to buy the lotto tickets with BTC, and the prices will be paid in bitcoin as well, or your cryptocurrency of choice.

Therefore, all you need to do is to sign up on any of our recommended BTC lottery sites, buy your lotto tickets or play your favorite lottery game, and then wait for the results. If you happen to be a winner, then you will be paid almost instantly, in BTC of course.

One of the most remarkable advantages is that, if you win a BTC lottery prize and hold it (especially during this crypto winter), then you can easily make an extra 100%-200% ROI on it during the next bull run.

How Do BTC Lotteries Work?

BTC lotteries follow the same process and steps like any traditional lotto such as Mega Millions. Therefore, we can break down how Bitcoin lotteries work in the following steps:

  • Sign up at any of our recommended BTC lottery sites
  • Make your first deposit and claim your welcome bonus
  • Select the BTC lotto game you wish to play
  • Buy the number of lotto tickets you wish
  • Wait for the result of the lottery
  • Claim the prize if you won!

Remember that the BTC lottery games use Random Number Generators to run the game and pick a winner. Therefore, the entire process is 100% random, and hence, totally fair.
Once again, the main element that will determine your fate will be luck. Lottery is a completely random game, and hence, the best move is to buy several lotto tickets while managing your bankroll responsibly.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of BTC Lottery Sites?

If you want a quick comparison on the pros and cons of BTC lottery sites, then here you have this special table. It will help you to choose wisely, so you can see if crypto lotteries are good for you or not.

Advantages Disadvantages
Huge BTC welcome bonuses User interface may be hard to deal with for new users
Plenty of lottery games Prizes are smaller than in traditional lotto
Big jackpots
Totally transparency and randomness
You can earn free BTC lottery tickets

The Differences between Conventional Lottery and Bitcoin Lottery

BTC lottery offers you advantages that traditional lottery sites simply cannot bring you. Here are the main differences, which will give you enough reasons to buy your first BTC lottery tickets today.

Features Traditional Lottery Bitcoin Lottery
Prize Size Given that games like Mega Millions are more popular, they can raise prizes that surpass BTC lotteries. Even though the prizes can be smaller than traditional lotto jackpots, they are still very generous, often bringing you millions of dollars worth of BTC.
Odds Traditional lotto games are known for having extremely low odds in favor of the player, in exchange for bigger prizes. Even though the odds will depend on the BTC lottery game you play, as well as the matching numbers, some games with smaller jackpots can bring you way better odds than traditional otto, which makes it easier to win consistently. 
Transparency Traditional lotto sites have undergone several audits that make sure that the Random Number Generator (RNG) works as intended. Hence, certifying that the platform and its lottery games are 100% random and fair. Bitcoin lottery sites use blockchain tech like provably fair, to ensure that all the games are totally random and fair. Furthermore, as you can check blockchain transactions, it makes the BTC lotteries even more transparent and trustworthy than traditional lotto.
Privacy All the traditional lotto sites require you to complete KYC procedures, in addition to additional requirements if you happen to win a prize before you are able to cash it out. Decentralized BTC lotteries don’t require you to reveal your identity or to complete KYC procedures when winning a prize. You can play and withdraw your winnings with total privacy.

As you can see, BTC lotteries are more private, transparent and even have better odds if you play certain games. Even though traditional lotto might offer you bigger prizes (because it’s more popular it can create a bigger jackpot), playing BTC lotteries and winning a prize can give you a great ROI in the long term if you are determined to hold the BTC.

What Types of BTC Lottery Games Can You Play?

If you are ready to sign up at any of our recommended BTC lottery sites, then let us show you the types of games you can play, so you can start building your strategy:

Third Party Developers: Important iGaming developers like Microgaming are known for producing excellent lotto games such as Keno. Therefore, you can find these titles on BTC lottery sites

Traditional Lotto Games: Here you can find a wide myriad of games inspired by famous lotteries like Mega Millions, in a decentralized format. Therefore, if you want to stick to the classic titles, then this category will be your best choice

Provably Fair BTC Games: These games can look like other lotto games, but the main difference here is that the balls are drawn via Provably Fair, which makes the process even more transparent since no party will know the result until the end.

Now that you know the BTC lotto games you can play on our recommended sites, it’s time to sign up to put your luck to test!

What are the Best Tips to Win at the BTC Lottery?

Even though BTC lotteries are purely driven by luck, there are some tips that will bring you an edge over the rest. Let’s check the advice and strategies that have helped people like you to win generous BTC prizes at online crypto lotteries.

Bankroll Management

Lottery is a game that only relies on luck, and hence, it’s important to manage your bankroll accordingly. You need to decide how much you want to use for playing BTC lottery games, how many satoshis you will invest per ticket/game and when you will cut losses or withdraw profits when you win a prize. Build it prior to buying your first BTC lotto tickets, so that you know the road to follow.

Buy More Tickets

The more tickets you buy, the higher your chances of winning a prize. However, you need to do it according to your bankroll management strategy, so that you can stay long enough in the game to win a good prize.

Choose the BTC Lotto Games Wisely

The odds of winning will be based on the matching number and the type of BTC lotto game you choose. Therefore, you should play high risk, high reward games, as well as crypto lotto games with smaller prizes but higher odds of winning.

The goal here is to grow your bankroll, and by winning small prizes consistently, you will have more satoshis that you can use in lotteries with bigger jackpots.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bitcoin Lottery Sites

Do you still have questions about BTC lottery sites? Then let us answer them in this section, so you can sign up at any of our recommended sites to start playing today. For more assistance, contact us, because our team is always ready to help you.

How do you win the Bitcoin lottery?

You will only win if your ticket happens to have the winning combination. Therefore, the best strategy here is to buy multiple tickets, so that you can increase your odds of winning the BTC lottery. Remember that, unlike traditional lotto, you will be paid in BTC or any other available cryptocurrency.

How do you get free lottery tickets with Bitcoin?

Some of our recommended BTC lottery sites bring you no deposit bonuses or offers that will bring you free lottery tickets. Nonetheless, if you want to get a lot more tickets, then the best move is to make a first BTC deposit on any of our recommended sites, so that you can receive plenty of tickets that will increase your odds of winning.

Are Blockchain lotteries legal?

Bitcoin and blockchain lotteries are legal in the majority of countries, especially since there are no laws regulating them. Therefore, it’s legal for you to play at any of our selected BTC lottery sites, especially since many of them hold international gaming licenses.