Best Bitcoin Baccarat Sites 2023: Top Ranking + Exclusive Bonuses

Baccarat is one of the most popular casino games, and thanks to the best Bitcoin baccarat sites, now you can play it with cryptocurrencies. More discretion, better bonuses and quicker withdrawals are just 3 of the many benefits that you will obtain when you start playing BTC baccarat at our recommended sites:

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Are you new to BTC baccarat? Then our guide will answer all of your questions. Come with us to learn everything you need to become an excellent crypto baccarat player.

How Do We Select the Best Bitcoin Baccarat Sites?

A lot of work, dedication, and time is required when selecting a BTC baccarat site, since there are a multitude of variables to consider such as transparency and licenses, quality of games, welcome bonuses, customer support service, etc.

License & Provably Fair

The bitcoin baccarat site or casino should have an international casino license (Curacao, Gibraltar, UK, etc.) and also it should be Provably Fair, to ensure that all the results in baccarat and other casino games are 100% random, and thus fair.

Online Reputation

We check the most important online and crypto gambling communities and forums such as Casinomeister, AskGamblers and Wizard of Vegas to make sure that the BTC baccarat sites we select are actually approved by the community. We also check reviews and ratings sites, as well as social media channels.

Baccarat Games & Other Casino Games

Evidently, the BTC baccarat site should offer you a wide variety of baccarat games, both online and live. Be it classic bitcoin baccarat, Mini Baccarat, Midi, 3 Card Baccarat, Banque, or Chemin de Fer, you will find all the games you want. Furthermore, you will also find other BTC casino games such as slots, blackjack, poker, roulette, dice, and more.

Baccarat Bitcoin Bonuses

Our recommended sites will bring you plenty of bonuses for BTC baccarat such as deposit bonuses and no deposit offers, so you can get free satoshis to increase your bankroll, and hence, make bigger bets that will yield excellent prizes. Furthermore, our recommended BTC baccarat bonuses have fair wagering requirements, so you can actually unlock them to cash out all the crypto winnings you’ve obtained with so much effort.

Online Security

We only add the site to our ranking if it has a proper SSL certificate, a CDN, secure servers, and a record free from data breaches and hacking attempts. This way we make sure that all of your bitcoins or satoshis will be in safe hands, so you can gamble with confidence.
Mobile Experience for BTC Baccarat
Since we know that a lot of you gamble from your smartphones or tablets, we have made it sure that our BTC baccarat sites bring you 100% responsive mobile websites, as well as fast native apps on iOS, Android, and Windows.

Customer Support Service

Our recommended BTC baccarat sites put different customer support service channels at your disposal such as phone, email, live chat, etc. You will be able to get assistance 24/7, no matter the kind of the issue or question.

How to Play Bitcoin Baccarat: Complete Beginner’s Guide

If you have never played a game of Baccarat before, then this is for you. We will show you how to play a round of baccarat step by step, so you can join a BTC baccarat site today.

What Is Bitcoin Baccarat?

It’s the same as the regular Baccarat game, but instead of using tokens or real cash, here you are betting with Bitcoin or satoshis. Other than that, it follows the same rules, but keep in mind that the bonuses tend to be bigger, and hence, BTC baccarat offers a bigger return since you can increase the size of your bets considerably.

All the baccarat variations at our recommended crypto casinos will bring you the option to bet using BTC, be it Mini Baccarat, Midi, 3 Card Baccarat, Banque, or Chemin de Fer, you will be able to gamble your satoshis to win big prizes.

If you are still unsure about the kind of BTC baccarat to play, then we recommend you to choose crypto mini baccarat. It makes the game simpler, so you can play faster, and hence, you will be able to win more rounds in less time than traditional BTC baccarat.

What are the Rules of BTC or Crypto Baccarat?

If you have played BTC blackjack before, then you will quickly get a hold on the rules and steps that you need to follow to play a round of Baccarat. Here’s everything you have to know.

The objective in every BTC baccarat round is to get a hand as close to 9 as possible, and you are competing against the Bank (the casino). The best hand wins, but it can also end up in a tie, so you have three possible options just like in Blackjack.

The Rules and Steps of BTC Baccarat

To determine the score of your hand, you will have to sum the value of the cards you draw. The value of the cards go as follow:

2 to 9 = Face value
10, J, Q and K = 0 points
A = 1 point

For example, if you have a hand that consists of a 2 of spades and a 10 of hearts, then the value would be 2 points. If you had a 2 and a 7, then you’d win automatically since you’d score 9, which is called a “natural”. Nonetheless, it’d end up in a tie if the croupier has a 9 as well.

Now, let’s check the steps of a normal round of baccarat:

  • The player and the banker (casino or croupier) receive 2 cards
  • If you and the banker have a score of 5 or more, then the highest score wins or it’s a tie
  • If you have a hand with a value less than 4 points, then you withdraw an additional card
  • If you have a score of 6 or 7, and the banker only has a hand of 4 points or less, then the banker withdraws an additional card.

Now, let’s dive into each specific scenario, so you can fully understand the process behind ever round of bitcoin or crypto baccarat:

  • If you withdraw a third card and the banker’s hand is worth 2 points or less, then he will withdraw a new card
  • If the banker’s hand is worth 3 points, then he can withdraw a new card unless your hand is worth 8 points
  • If the banker’s hand scores 4 points, then he can withdraw an additional card as long as your third card was a 7 or 2
  • If the banker’s hand scores 5 points, then he can withdraw a third card if your third card was a 7 or 4
  • If the banker’s hand scores 6 points, then he can withdraw a third card if your third card was a 7 or 6
  • If the banker’s hand scores 7 points, then he will always stand.
  • As you can see, it’s pretty simple and you will get used to the motion of the game after a few gaming sessions. Nonetheless, remember to read the rules of each variant before betting real BTC, so that you can bet with certainty and according to your gambling plan.

One of the main advantages of BTC baccarat is that the game will run on automatic, which means that you only have to worry about your own hand. The game will decide what’s best and mandatory for the banker on its own.

Note: If you think that the process is way too complex, then you can always play BTC Mini Baccarat, which makes the game a lot easier and faster, so you can play more hands, and hence, increase your chances of landing a big win.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bitcoin Baccarat Sites

If you want to know more details about BTC baccarat sites, then this special section will suit you fine. For more assistance and help, feel free to send us a message, because our team is always ready to attend your inquiries.

How do I increase my chances of winning at BTC baccarat?

The best way to increase your chances of winning at BTC baccarat is to implement a strategy for cutting losses soon, withdrawing profits on time and deciding the best move based on your cards versus the croupier’s cards. This is a gambling game, and hence, luck will be the final factor that will decide your fate.

Is BTC baccarat rigged?

No, our BTC baccarat sites and games are Provably Fair, which means that all the results are 100% random and thus fair. Therefore, as long as you sign up to our recommended crypto baccarat sites, your Bitcoin will be safe.

Can I claim bonuses at BTC baccarat sites?

Yes, our BTC baccarat sites bring you welcome bonuses in BTC, which can bring you anywhere from 100% to over 600% extra, bringing you a fatter bankroll that you can use to make bigger bets, and hence, collect bigger prizes.